Aspargus with Whitewine Pearls
Aperol Sprizz with Bitter Orange Pearls
Warm Chocolate Cake with Redwine Pearls
Oysters with Roséwine Pearls

Transfer oysters into a colourful eye-catcher full of glamour and exclusivity.

Allow your filet a glamorous appearance and out-perform it with redwinepearls to be the perfect steak.

Touch new ground and discover a new way to enjoy cheese - with sweetwinepearls.

Bring your starters to the next level, combining Scandinavian salmon with delicious winepearls.

Feel delighted – with white- and roséwine pearls, going along with seafood in a perfect combination.

Aspargus for gourmets – only and mandatory with whitewine pearls .

Filet with Redwine Pearls
Sweetwine Pearls combinded with Cheese
Whitewine Pearls with Seafood
Tatar of Salmon with Bitter Orange Pearls